Henry J. Mantz has been in business in various management capacities for over thirty years. He has been an engineer, supervisor, manager, director, vice president and a president. He has interfaced with (some might say trained) over a thousand people. These experiences along with formal education have developed a perspective on consulting that most in the industry would view as unusual.

His approach centers around one-on-one consultations with top management. He does not believe in group training and development events until top management has fully developed its objectives and has completely committed to a planned process for achievement. Having begun his career in Texas, he developed a real appreciation for the Texas Rangers concept of “one riot— one Ranger” and believes this definitely applies to management consulting.

Massive large scale employee training programs and workshops rarely have any lasting value but generally have fantastic cost. Turn-key solutions developed by outside consultants with little or even moderate real management contribution and participation usually means massive organizational confusion, extreme inefficiencies (at least for the short term), huge additional costs, and mid and upper managers not taking responsibility or accepting accountability for the results. Often this ultimately results in a business in worse condition than before. HJMA does not deliver this type of consultation - intervention.

Henry provides clients with the means to combine their expert company knowledge with new skills, knowledge and perspectives on management, marketing and customer interface that will allow them to improve their companies in ways that were not thought to be possible.
“The performance of every employee in every company is guided by what they believe are the company’s mission, values and guiding principles.  Unfortunately, in most companies, few employees have the same understanding of what the mission, values and guiding principles are.  And worse yet, this carries through right up to the top management. The bottom-line impact of this is immeasurably huge and this can only be remedied from the top manager down.  If you doubt this, there is a simple test.”
      - Henry J. Mantz
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